SO, WHAT NOW?, 2021

During lockdown, we attended anti-racist conferences, reposted things on social, and did “the work”offline... so, what now? As we begin to gather in physical dance spaces again, how do we take actionable steps to eradicate white supremacy in those spaces? This October, Freedom Movement is offering 8 workshops on oppressive issues that we see today.  To become a more informed and authentic community, we are inviting all teams, studios, and general community members to engage with us through radical vulnerability and self-reflection.

SOAR, 2021

Recently in the competition dance world very upsetting events highlighted a need to create safer spaces everywhere.The New Dance Teachers Network & Freedom Movement are joining together to provide an intro to understanding racism and how it shows up, especially how studio owners and dance teachers can do better to become an authentically unified community through understanding and communication.In this 6 hour conference a team of four presenters will address the dangers of not being able to see racism, how to address it, and the next steps to take, specifically tailored to dance teachers and studio owners.